The 317 Team

Jon Roller
Jon RollerCo - Lead Pastor
I feel so at peace, a deep peace, to get to finally be a pastor. And to get to co-pastor with Sandi is a gift I would not have ever hoped for. I love living in community and leading in community, sharing in the humble model of the Trinity. Pastoring has been a desire of mine for decades, through a career in classical music as an orchestra conductor and professor, as a stay-at-home dad with my two daughters, Michelle and Kristyn, and through a career as a professor of worship arts. My passions are being close to Jesus’ heart, loving people, doing anything with my family, traveling, and playing strategy board games. It’s the honor of a lifetime to co-pastor The 317 Church.
Sandi Savage
Sandi SavageCo - Lead Pastor
Sandi Savage the Co-Lead Pastor of The 317 Church and the Owner of The KY Maker Co. She is a multi-passionate, multi business entrepreneur and non-profit founder with over 25+ years experience. She is an expert builder of businesses and ministries, but most importantly a builder of people and love. Her passion is seeing people live in freedom and assisting in their journeys of healing and transformation. She is also a worship leader, speaker, writer, cancer survivor and an overcomer of years of abuse and exploitation she experienced while working in the sex industry. She lives in Central Kentucky with her husband Tim and her diva cats, Pip, SugarBerri and SnowToe. Her core belief is that we can all make a difference in this world. We can stand up for the oppressed, we can listen to the brokenhearted, we can love deeply and real change is possible.
Caleb Norris
Caleb NorrisCommunity Pastor
Caleb was born and raised in Columbus, OH. From an early age Caleb was drawn to ministry and to serving people. He is currently a senior at Asbury University studying worship. He has participated in worship and youth ministry for 7 years and currently interns for Asbury’s Intercultural Affairs office. Caleb is currently working on his first book to be released in the spring of 2021 “My sweet, sweet Friend.” He has worked in marketing, social media marketing, management, and corporate training for a company for the last 6 years and is passionate about hospitality, inclusion, and justice specifically within communities of color and the LGBTQ community. Caleb is passionate about sharing the versatility of the gospel with all people, to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.
Derek Chilton
Derek ChiltonWorship Arts Pastor
Derek is husband to Miranda, is a songwriter, musician, and dad to two cats and a bunny. Derek married Miranda in 2018, and has since been partnering alongside of her ministering to college students and adults in their home, and to each other through their art. Derek is well experienced in ministry as he began in high school leading in youth group, traveling around the country leading worship in over two dozen churches, and through pastoring church plants, established churches, and in various positions in his schooling. Derek loves to podcast with his friends, and especially loves watching Miranda paint as together they both love producing art together both professionally and for fun. Derek is a huge fan of Kentucky Bourbon and the Louisville Cardinals, though this doesn’t take away his love for the people of Lexington, and the Kansas City Chiefs. He is considered an incarnation of Ron Swanson, because of his love for bourbon and whiskeys, as well as outside work, steak, pancakes, and facial hair. Derek has been making music since before he can remember, and his ultimate joy in life is being able to bless Jesus and others by bringing all cultures, voices, sounds, and instruments to the table of Christ together. His heart beats for those who have been rejected and pushed away by religion, and longs for everyone of any color, orientation, or experience to know the love and beauty of the Lamb, Jesus.